Herringbone Wallpaper


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Herringbone wallpaper has the power to turn mere houses into stylish and lovely homes. Available in six carefully developed colour palettes, the pattern is inspired by classic British tweed. Sharing the same tactile texture and effortless elegance of the material it takes its name from, it wraps the room in a warm and comforting embrace, creating the perfect space for welcoming visitors. The ideal choice for bedrooms and living rooms, it has the ability to marry rustic aesthetics with style.

Boråstapeter create wallpapers that are close to their hearts working on a responsible perspective on our environment and a holistic approach to sustainability.The raw wood material used for this paper comes from sustainably managed forests

Size 53cm wide
Roll Length 10.05m long
Pattern Repeat Random Match 
Material NON WOVEN
Origin Sweden

Product Features

  • Strippable
  • Paste The Wall
  • Good Lightfastness
  • Random Match

Delivery: Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery for Boråstapeter Wallpaper.