How to Calculate Wallpaper

We get it, figuring out the right measurements for your wall can be tricky. so, we have put together a step-by-step diagram of how we calculate wallpaper based on a 10m x 53cm wide roll with a 53cm repeat. Please note every roll size and pattern repeat could change the outcome of the quantity, please use this an example only.

Wall Size = 2.4 metres wide x 2.6 metres high



We need to calculate how many drops of wallpaper you need.

2.4m wide (wall width) ÷ 53cm wide (This is your roll width)
= 4.528 - Round up to the next whole number = 5 x drops of wallpaper


When a wallpaper has a pattern, in this example 53cm, you need to allow this in the drop.

2.6m (height of wall) ÷ 0.53cm = 4.9 Patterns - Round up to 5 patterns
5 Patterns x 53cm  = New cut length of 2.65 metres


      Calculate how many drops you get by roll
      10 metre roll ÷ 2.65m (New cut length) = 3.77 
      This time you round down to lower number = 3 drops per roll


5 Drops ÷ 3 Drops per roll = 2 Rolls of Wallpaper is required


Have a unique wall to measure or need some help? We are more than happy to help you calculate how much wallpaper you need for your wall, please get in touch.