Unexpected Spaces Transformed

Unexpected Spaces Transformed

Different ways to wallpaper

Wallpaper pattern and designs are ever evolving and the ideas of where to use wallpaper are also so diverse!

Wallpaper shouldn’t be confined to just the one wall. Wallpaper and it's versatility has allowed it to transcend boundaries and transform unexpected spaces and areas of the room. Picture a creatively papered stair riser, a bold wallpapered backsplash in the kitchen, or even a statement-making panel as the headboard in the bedroom. By extending wallpaper to these interesting spaces, we can help infuse a touch of personality to your room.

 Unexpected Spaces Transformed


✔️Using wainscoting panels or VJ boards to separate the wallpaper

✔️Wallpapered ceilings

✔️ Inside niche’s

✔️ Splash-backs

✔️ Cupboard inserts

✔️ The use of decorative mouldings to accent the wallpaper details

Experimenting with unusual ways , not only draw attention to the room but also infuse a sense of uniqueness and character into the space.

Have a look at some amazing ways to transform your space.











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