Unique and Bespoke walls by Lewis and Wood

Unique and Bespoke walls by Lewis and Wood


Lewis & Wood has developed over the years as a creative collaboration between two people who love what they do - Stephen Lewis and Creative Director, Magdalen Jebb. From the very beginning when the company HQ was a London basement, there was a determination to use British talent and manufacturing.

When most mainstream fabric and wallpaper companies bring out dozens of new designs every year, Lewis & Wood introduce a select half-dozen. They do not advertise and they do not have a string of showrooms. In a world of too many fabrics and wallpapers, Lewis & Wood offers the edited version - high-quality, considered and concise.

The company may be small, but its output is distinctive. And while the name might not be familiar to the general public, their fabrics and wallpapers are known and loved by decorators who enjoy pulling them out of a bag to the delight of their clients.

Lewis & Wood designs have been described as bold, gentle, sophisticated, eccentric, traditional and innovative. Uniting them all is a sense of individuality, a quality that speaks of the carefully-crafted as opposed to the mass-produced.

If there is one secret to the success of Lewis & Wood, perhaps it’s this - they only produce things they love.

Fortunately there are plenty of people who love them too."

by Ros Byam Shaw author of English Eccentric


So if its a little something different you are after, or your project is screaming for the Lewis and Wood vibe then we would love to help and see your walls adorning this superb quality product! We have this stunning range in our collection studio, get in touch for exclusive samples and pricing!  

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