Designer Home Wallpaper Trends 2021

Designer Home Wallpaper Trends 2021

Are you looking for an on-trend designer home wallpaper? We have the ins and outs on the style sets to take the limelight this 2021. Wallpaper has gone through shifting stages of popularity throughout the years, especially having a moment right now. That is mainly due to homeowners getting braver with decorating their homes over the pandemic – edging to bolder and more expressive trends. Our designer home wallpaper choices allow us to curate a decorating scheme that is personal and expressive. 

Pattern 1: Granny's House 

Recall those wallpapers that shrouded the entire house in floral, muted wonder. Think about dining rooms, lounges and passageways filled with different versions of floral. They have made a comeback and has become the most popular trend for 2021. Why is that? They help us remember a less complicated time when life was less stressful, technology was the domain of science, and old fashioned values felt like the new normal. 

Pattern 2: I'm Not Perfect 

Textured wallpapers have been about for some time. Although, updating to this trend highlights time and ageing and the acknowledgment of change and non-permanence. We should know better by now to think we, like people, can handle everything. We can't. That sort of trend acknowledges this and commends the imperfections that time and change bring with it. These wallpapers will provide more than satisfy the eye. They will invite our sense of touch to assume a part and request that we forget and forgive what isn't perfect. 

Pattern 3: Let It Burn 

2021 will see themes of more burnt colour palettes. They help us remember the beauty of nature from its brilliant and intense aspects. Think peach, muted greens, and burnt amber. It could be the year we say goodbye to wanings of grey, which has been our staple for such a long time and start to see a move back to the glow of ochre, beiges and creams. 

Pattern 4: Earthy Tones 

Wallpapers bring back outdated styles and remind us of the beauty of nature and all its glory to take centre stage. Anticipate more botanicals, more landscape images, more leaf plans that help us bring a soul into our homes and lives and remind us how valuable this world is.

If you have any questions about designer home wallpaper trends for 2021, chat to our friendly team at 0411 757 040.

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