Industrial Wallpaper; now adding a polished seamless look to your walls!

Industrial Wallpaper; now adding a polished seamless look to your walls!

When choosing your industrial mural wallpaper remember to style the rest of your room to enhance the look and feel. Lighting, furniture and fixtures can play a huge role in capturing the industrial loft or chic finish you are after. Whether its brick, concrete or marble and stone wallpaper, there are numerous ranges to help create the industrial style you are trying to create. Keep reading to find out just what you can do to beautify your living space and create the look!

Brick Wallpaper 

When considering brick walls, there are different styles to think about. A rustic shabby brick or a more refined and tidy brick wall effect. From white, natural and red coloured bricks, basically we have can cover almost every style of brick wall! Think new York loft apartments of country family cottage, the style is right here and you have come to the right place for your project.    

Concrete and Stone 

When wanting to focus on features like render or polished concrete our range of industrial wallpapers will be sure to impress. Concrete and stone inspired designs draw on “life-like” pattern inspired from nature. Successful placement of industrial wallpaper can mean your home looks study and strong and a like a solid piece of concrete or stone. Thinking of bathrooms or kitchens? Yes you can create that industrial style in your wet or high traffic areas too! 

Metallic Accents 

To give your flat painted walls the look of depth, immerse yourself in the beauty of metallics. There are charismatic metallic wallpapers that feature alluring textures and stone inspired prints, as well as shimmering cork and metal. Some of our metallic wallpapers feature raised inks and glitter to add the metallic highlights. This refined range of wallpaper adds a unique characteristic to each design and a seriously chic. 

Timber and Wood Planks

Why not bring some of this thrilling atmosphere right into your home like using “life- like” planks floating on your walls or even stretched across your ceiling. These wooden timber wallpapers can add that cutting edge feature that you are looking for! Three dimensional designs are what helps the wooden planks and timber wallpaper come to life. From the knots in the woodgrain, to peeling paint and texture that is so “life-like” you just have to touch it! 

When you need industrial wallpaper to create that space in your home or office, be sure to browse our extensive range. Not only can we find the best options for you but we can ensure you get them at the right prices and installed to the highest standards.

Contact us to find out more or view our Industrial gallery online today!

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